Classic Seam

Classic Seam Header

Classic Seam truly is a classic. Classic Seam was our first machined formed panel. Before Classic Seam all of our panels were formed by hand, which created a lot of dents and ripples throughout the panel. With modern day roll forming and the use of our shadow rib and clip relief striations, the dents, ripples, and inconsistencies are no longer an issue.

CS100 has a 1″ seam height and a minimum pitch of 3/12
CS150 has a 1.5″ seam height and a minimum pitch of 2/12

Classic Seam Clip Display

Completely seamless installation is achieved using a series of interlocking male and female legs. Each panel has both a male side and a female side. A clip goes over the male leg and then is screwed to the roof deck. The female side of the next sheet then snaps over the male side, covering and concealing the clip, screw and male leg entirely.  The use of a floating clip isn’t just used for seamless installation, it also allows the roof to expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall.

Classic Seam does a lot more than just increase your curb appeal. With Valspars top of the line WeatherXL paint system, offering a 40-year paint warranty, it is guaranteed to outlast and outperform nearly every other roofing product on the market. Classic Seam offers great protection from the elements; wind, fire, rain, hail and even snow and ice. No matter what color you choose, you will be able to “go green,” because all of our color options are Energy Star Certified. Classic Seam coated in Valspar’s WeatherXL paint system is able to dissipate heat very effectively. Because of this, your home will be easier to keep cool in the summers and cheaper to heat in the winters.

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