Aspen Panel

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The Aspen Panel is the only panel that we offer that doesn’t use a floating clip. Which is great for those needing a standing seam capable of spanning over open sheeting or those looking for a panel similar to what is sold in those big box stores.

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The Nail flange found on the Aspen Panel is what makes it so special. The built in nail flange eliminates the need for the floating clips. This in turn eliminates the cost associated with floating clips; material and labor. The use of a nail flange also allows the Aspen Panel to span over open sheeting up to 2′. Making the Aspen Panel the only “snap lock” standing seam panel, capable of spanning over open sheeting.
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The Aspen Panel is full of great benefits both aesthetically and longevity. Aspen Panel is available in over 30 different colors , with up to a 40 year paint warranty. Color options can be seen on our Color Chart Page.  As with any metal roof, Aspen Panel offers unparalleled protection from the elements; wind, rain, hail, snow and even fire. The use of Cool Chemistry paint systems means our roofs are able to dissipate heat very efficently. Our roofs are Energy Star Certified, meaning they will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We use Valspar’s WeatherXL paint system on this panel.