Apex Panel

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Apex panel is by far one of the most popular and common metal roofing/siding panels on the market. Sold under many different names; G-Rib, Polebarn Metal, Panel Steel, etc. Apex panels popularity is due to the easy-ness of installation, the versatility of the panels and how widely available the panel is.

While many of our competitors offer a similar panel, that may even be interchangeable, it isn’t the same. The Apex Panel utilizes an Anti-Siphon Seam on the lapping rib, to prevent any water being siphoned into the roof.  The Apex panel is available in bare galvalume & painted in 29/28, 26 & 24 gauge, with 40 year, 10 year & non warranty options available. For those that are looking for a product to be used in animal confinement, we do offer bare galvanized.

Unlike many of our competitors whom only sell panels in 8′, 10′, 12′ and 14′ sections, all of our panels are made to order.  We cut to the inch, so if you need a 13’1″ panel that is exactly what you will get. We can cut anything you may need, but there is a cutting charge for any size under 2′. We do offer delivery at an additional charge or we are more than happy to load it at our facility for free. For those looking for lengths longer than 40′, we can run the panels for you on the job site.