We have made a ton of progress towards restoring/rebuilding our website. While rebuilding it we have came up with many ways to improve it as well. Many new pages have been made and lots of new content has been added. But, we are still building it. So some pages may have broken links or may be missing content, don’t worry it will be fixed very soon.

We have also updated the way we link you to other parts of our website. Now all clickable content will have a button appear aboveĀ  it and you can click on that. This is just to make it easier to navigate and know what is clickable. The new buttons will look like these
 photo more.jpg

Sorry for the inconvenience and as always if you gives us a call(800.310.4128) or send us an email(help@goodhewmetals.net) if you need help with anything

Jon Taylor Goodhew